Can’t be ignored to notice

Corona in india is not corona…..
But, two months before it had been a norm of “crore na “

Despite collecting lot of funds in PM or CM care basket of goverments, the citizens of india are suffering from economical issues, fighting for food and health……

So, corona has been now “cry na” !!!

Thought of the day


Freedom for me is..
Thinking and acting beyond possibilities,
Thinking and acting beyond the limits,
Thinking and acting beyond specific religion,
Thinking and acting beyond specific caste,
Thinking and acting beyond specific community,
Thinking and acting beyond specific region,

Freedom is just not about getting free from something but is about being indulged in all the liberal thoughts, which are taboo for the human society.

It is about accepting the universal values without leaving own values
It is about being modern with thoughts not just by clothes,
It is about following wellness of west not covering the wellness of east,
It is about learning different languages, culture, civilization not forgetting our own,
Freedom is just being free of all the norms creates differnce of “they” and “we”, that is what the freedom is !

My lines of commitment

I am ready….

To loose rivers of my desire to get ocean,
To loose blushing of my face to get the brightness of star,
To loose melodious milk of wills to get wine of passion,
To loose lamps in darkness to get fire of sun,
To loose my velvet bed to get the thorny mat of sky,
To loose my rest to get restness of doing big,
To loose my papers today to get book of my life,
Yes, I am ready to loose my body of fear to get the soul of achiever…….. !!!!

A serious question can not be ignored…

Is life so limited ?

I see india dieing to get likes on the post,
I see india starving to get followings at most,

I see india giving long lectures with the pen or mikes,
I see india using hands just typing on comments and likes,

I see india using brain’s energy on the fucks of social media,
I see india seeking fun site than encyclopedia,

I see india using western brands,
Ignoring even to think of making own’s grand,

Youths busy in games and fucks,
Leaders busy in family’s sucks

Just see darling…how our india stucks !👓

Questions clicks my mind::

Is our life so limited ??
Is our talent are decided by these likes or share ??
Is our time so cheap that we just utilise it spending on the plateforms where we get no values of growing high??
Is our pleasure so little that we be happy just being star on the social media ??
Is our desire so compact that can be captured just in the cup of a job, marriage, child, love, sex ??

Corona hacks, digital india lacks; Education

Article ;

I am not wondering seeing the Educational status of country during covid19, because the notion used “devoloping nation” describes itself that we just give foremost priority to industrial sector only.

Yes, there can be a question that it has been 73 years since India got freedom but still it is wearing the name of developing nation, why ? And, the answer can be like a new question in itself. Factors like political, social, economical, geographical can be termed as the cause of not turning into the list of developed nation, but they can be just the pages of excuse.

When we turn more pages we find the factor like pshycological cause which tries to speak that there is the lack of will among courty’s bureaucrates, private as well as public authority.

Education and health is first priority to make a country empowered, but india’s economy drains towards production and distribution sector most instead of service sectors.

Now, a new cause has been grown named “corona” where our leaders have got a green signal not to open schools, college, coaching centres, or other institutes of education, no new vacancy, no openings, no new joining.

More than 65 percent population of india come under young breed, it is just like killing them for future not taking proper decions or strategy regarding education and employment sectors.

Ofcourse, the guidelines have been generated to teach with online media, but this facts can also not be ignored that only 50% of total india’s population come under internet penetration, only 560 million uses internet out of 1.37 billion as per the statics survey report 2019.

More than 70% live in village where infrastructral development are still null, the execution of smart education in this circumstances is just like an illusion observing the real scenario.

If we do not want to kill the future of nation it is the high time to think of the education system seriously, taking the practical aspects. The biological pandemic of covid19 can turned into the sentimental pandemic spreading the virus of non-efficiency among the youths, the future of India.

What we can do-

-Administrative and political concern is required for advance development in the field of digital education.

-Funds must be raised in this fields for betterment of infrastruture.

-New competible policies should be made and should be implemented with the help of smart supervisors.

-Only allotment of money to the departments is not enough, it is needed that the upper authority should inspect the works of subordinates coming down to the grounds.

-Students should be made conscious about their rights and duties, they should be taught the lesson of life rather than just teaching the subjects of maths or science, for this the subject like ethics, moral education should be included.

-The spirit of “padhega india toh badhega india” should be developed in all including uneducated political leaders, ministers, so that they could work for education with their ethical mind without focusing on raising their account’s balance.


My poem of hope…

A hope sounds like-

A door bell calling to come out of a home of lazyness,
A morning alarm to leave sleepy dreams and asking to dream with open eyes,
A horn sounding from back saying not to stop in the traffic of hurdles,
A singing bird asking to welcome the sunrise of endeavours,
A heartbeat saying leave the creams of life to live the dreams of life…!!
Hope sounds like “I am bored of just being a hope, please let me out of this notion by making me true.”

On international nurse day my heart says sorry to ” a lady with lamp” nurse Florence nightingale.


Was that clapping of 22nd march 2020 just a noise ?

Policemen of delhi died of corona even couldn’t get a concerned treatment
More than this case have been made me astonished when I see the private hospitals isolate themselves from their responsibility.

It was 26th of march my brother was suffering from high fever, my single parent mother wandering here and there to seek the doctor, requested few clinics to prescribe medicines but doctors sent her saying they can not check up the patients right now.

My own story is not so different from the people died of corona,
India being a mixed economy having both public and private unit’s role
But, today we just feel like there is no existence of private unit seeing the only role of government hospitals treating corona.

On one side we bow the policemen, nurses, doctors but, on the other side we even do not take measures to let them live if they get affected of corona !

Our government should conduct proper rules for all kinds of patients so that-

  1. Patients other than corona can get treatments in all private hospitals.
  2. The doctors of private hospitals will keep it in mind that they are doctor first then a common citizen.
  3. The working employes like policemen, doctors,nurses, sweeper or others can get cure in any hospital, that only will be the real mean of clapping.
  4. Death cases can be reduced with selfless participation of more authorities.

Preventive steps-

1.The private hospitals should play active role in screening patients before taking any case inspite of the patient came for other issues apart from corona, so that we can segregate more corona patients, will lead to reduce the deaths.

2.Rather than allowing hospitals to close the clinic the screening like goverment hospitals must be adopted in private as well, after categorized as per their specialization strict order(like ESMA act) should be applied for them.